Retro iPhone from Apple Attracting Different Clientele

Retro iPhone from Apple Attracting Different Clientele

The new iPhone SE the four inch device just released by tech giant Apple is attracting a large number of seniors, men and users of Android.

The sales of the new 4-inch iPhone SE by Apple began with just a whimper says an online industry analytics company that takes marketable data out of e-mail receipts of four million online shoppers.

Based on an analysis of the first weekend of orders, total sales of the iPhone SE were only 3% of the record 10 million units of the iPhone 6 sold during a three-day period in 2014.

That means that approximately 300,000 Apple iPhone SEs were sold by Apple during that opening weekend, which by Apple’s standards is a modest amount.

The analytics firm found that there was a disproportionate amount of buyers of the iPhone SE that came from other operating systems of mobile devices, mostly from Google’s Android.

Going further into the data, it was reported that buyers of the new SE looked far different from the fanboy audience that Apple typically has lining up to purchase its latest device. The group is older, not as educated and surprisingly it is more male.

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